Zuzia with 4 glasses

Зузия 4 стъкла

  1. Corps made of cast iron Class 200 with a minimum thickness of 8 mmm.
  2. Thick ribs that increase the heated surface.
  3. A valve in inserted in the flange of the fireplace insert to control the chimney draft.
  4. Deflactor wich increases the path of flue gases.
  5. The door of the fireplace insert is equipped with heat-resistant ceramic glass capable of taking temperatures of up to 800 degrees.
  6. Adjust the air flow through the ash drawer.
  7. The warranty period for the fireplace insert is 5 years.
Model Zuzia with 4 window glasses
Power 16 kW
Dimensions 65 / 49 / h52
Flue Ф200
Price 2 950 lv.